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Go out strangely in Vendée

Camping Vendée near Notre dame de Monts: visit the Kulmino

camping près de saint jean de Monts

La vendée insolite


Enjoy your trip in camping Vendée Ragis, starting to discover the tourist and cultural places with family. You know, the Vendée is a rich department with many of preserved nature and tourist sites. Here is one that caught our attention, a nice and unusual outing to do with the kids: visit Kulmino. The Ragis is a campsite near Notre Dame de Monts.



The Kulmino, a spectacular panorama.

Notre Dame de Monts, 20 minutes by car from the campsite Ragis, towards Saint Jean de Monts, in the middle of the marsh, stands the Kulmino, a water tower in operation. What’s its characteristic? It’s open to the public! You climb to 70 metres above the ground for a panoramic 360 ° view of the surrounding countryside Mons, landscapes marshes and seaside. You discover 5 landscapes of Breton Vendée marshes: soft marsh, salt marsh, the forest , the dune and the mudflat. If the weather is clear, you will even see the wind turbines of Bouin, the water tower of Soullans and even the island of Yeu. Come on, for you: a video presentation of Kulmino


Le Ragis, camping near Notre Dame de Monts

A unique water tower in France


With its reservoir of 5000 m3, it supplies water to the municipalities of the Pays de Monts: Notre Dame de Monts, Saint Jean de Monts, Monts bar … But also the island of Yeu and Noirmoutier Island. The water supply in Vendée is made only by the force of gravity. The 5000 m3 of water push the water to the taps of homes to more than 20 km away!

Your visit in Kulmino

camping notre dame de monts

kulmino Vendée @P.Grillot

During your visit, you will discover the permanent exhibition “Water, life and us”, an awareness of the water cycle for all ages. Internactives terminals, thematic installations educate you about the sensitive management of this scarce and valuable natural resource for everyday life of yesterday and today. From an ecological bias, children are also aware of the right things for the planet. During the summer, the team Kulmino offers animations: for the whole family: “Knowing how to read the landscape”, for children: a game trail, thematic and creative workshops.  And above all … Do not miss the visit at Monday night to watch the sunset over the beautiful landscapes Vendée.  

Kulmino, a water tower weather !

Did you know? The water tower is illuminated at night and the color of the corolla indicates the weather will be the following day: green: it’s nice; orange: is mixed; red: it’s raining!


Pratical information

Opening time

February 7 to 22 – April 1 to June 28 : Wednesday to Sunday from 14 am to 18 30 pm

July 1 to August 31: Monday to Friday from 10h to 19h Saturday and Sunday from 14h to 19h

From September 2 to 30 – from October 17 to November 1: Wednesday to Sunday from 14 am to 18 30 pm

Prices: € 4.5 adults, free for children under 6 years.

Small price for families and cultural pass holders

Advice: + 33 (0) 2 51 58 86 09

Link to the website of Kulmino:


Other unusual outing in Vendée

Around Our ladies Monts, St Jean de Monts, Challans, Sallertaine, Perrier,  there are plenty of trips to do for the family. Visit the Museum Daviaud eco-museum on the Vendee natural environment and visit an old restored farmhouse and activity with entertainment for the whole family. Meet at Deambul for a walk Yole in the marshes, this boat up the inhabitants of the marshes used to travel from village to other village. The kids love it. They also enjoy the Museum of the dune and the forest, to enjoy and learn from nature. Finally, for art lovers, we recommend the Charles Milcendeau museum in Soullans, an artist of the last century who left a unique artistic heritage, in the heart of the marsh. To take advantage of these great tours, book your campsite, cottage February to June peronnes cottage or camping the Ragis, camping near Notre Dame de Monts to visit Kulmino. Take advantage of our specials on accommodation here!


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