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Our villages

Here are the main tourist sites to visit in Vendée.

During your stay in Vendée, visit the villages and unusual places that have forged the landscapes of the marshes, the bocage and its islands, unique for their beauty. We’ve selected the best sites in northern Vendée within easy reach of the campsite.

Tip from Le Ragis campsite: use the Culture Pass to benefit from discounts on your visits.

sallertaine en vendée

Sallertaine, Town and Art Trades

Le Moulin de Rairé

Visit an authentic working mill, the only mill in France that has never ceased to operate, where flour is produced in accordance with ancestral tradition.

Visit the working mill. In particular, you can buy different types of 100% natural organic flours.

Bourrine à Rosalie

Visit the traditional market gardeners’ house
Canoe trip in the marshes
The tourist circuit.
Our villages steeped in history

Sallertaine, canoe trip through the marshes: the salt route.

A change of scenery guaranteed!
Canoe trips on the marsh’s étiers are offered by experienced guides or without a guide: follow the road book!
Various themes are on offer.

bourrine rosalie in Vendée

Ragis‘ favorite: the Night Stroll

A magical evening in the heart of the Vendée marshlands!
This hike takes place in Châteauneuf and Bois de Cené, in a marsh typical of the old salt marshes, with an abundance and diversity of flora and fauna…
The navigation is guided commentary with passionate guides, a stop at the Abbey of Ile Chauvet (XII century), you will attend the sunset followed by a candlelight dinner.
On site, there’s no light but natural light.
The return journey takes place under a starry night…
An unforgettable moment!

Bois de Cené – Ile Chauvet Abbey: the unusual Vendée!

A 12th-century Benedictine abbey on an island in the middle of the marshes …
The Romanesque church with its exceptional portal opens onto the inner courtyard with its original well.
The convent buildings and abbey church suffered heavy damage during the Hundred Years’ War and the Wars of Religion in the 16th century.
In 1680, the abbey was restored by the Camaldolese, who remained until 1779.
Discover the remains of the Benedictine dormitory, the kitchen with its bread oven and the cellar.


The velorail: an unusual ride!

A sporting and cultural leisure activity for the whole family or a group of friends, explore the 10 kilometers of railway track linking Commequiers to Coëx.
The concept is simple: a vehicle pulled by pedals, the draisine (a kind of pedal boat or rosalie) on a railroad that is no longer in service… or so we hope!
You’ll discover the hinterland of Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, pass by the old railway station of Saint Maixent sur Vie and cross the river “La Vie”.
A great time for the whole family, but make sure you book in advance, as this is one of the most popular attractions in Vendée.

The medieval château: a plunge into Vendée history!

An octagonal castle, it retains its 8 round towers separated by curtain walls.
It was built in the 15th and 16th centuries by Louis de Beaumont.
The château de Commequiers, like most of those in the Bas Poitou region, was dismantled on the orders of Cardinal Richelieu in 1628, after Soubise’s defeat at Notre Dame de Riez and Saint Gilles.
Here, you can see exactly where the walls have been breached.
Owned by La Trémoille, one of the great Protestant lords.

Ragis’ good plan :
Les médiévales de Commequiers: experience a medieval festival at the château.
A magnificent sound and light show, entertainment by volunteers in period costume.
Not to be missed!
On July 14th, the château goes up in flames…

La Barre de Monts

Ecomusée le Daviaud

Nature getaway for the whole family:
You’ll find yourself transported back in time to a real working farm on the largest open-air site in western France.
Discover how the people of the marshes lived, their daily lives, their habitat and their farm activities.
The animals and workshops are interactive and child-friendly. Donkeys, chickens, ducks, sheep and even migratory birds find it an ideal nesting ground.
Meet the farm animals, whose local breeds are preserved as part of the nature conservation program.
The marshes of the Vendée offer exceptional ecological wealth.
An ideal birdwatching spot for all bird and nature enthusiasts.


The Olfacties Floral Park

A natural scent trail:

Take a stroll through this 5-hectare garden, created in 1849, and discover its many plants!
A vegetable garden and a rose garden with 3,500 species, maintained exclusively naturally.
The floral park has been awarded the eco-garden label.

An unexpected discovery!


The park and the castle

ominating the Vie valley, it was built on a rocky promontory in the 16th century during the Renaissance.
French Admiral Philippe CHABOT DE BRION, a friend of François 1er, ordered its construction.
It replaces the medieval fortress.

What to see:

the panorama from the top of the East Tower.
the Admiral’s Dream exhibition (video and virtual theatre)

Coup de cœur le Ragis: “Le Rouleau d’Apremont” – Treasure hunt for children.

Noirmoutier, a unique island 30 km from the campsite

…With the passage of the Gois,
A 4.5 km submersible road, with nine beacons serving as refuges for the unwary who tried to pass through at high tide.
This passage, unique in its length, links the island to Beauvoir sur mer, and at low tide is the place to be if you’re fishing on foot in the Vendée.
You’ll find clams, oysters and cockles. But watch out for the rising tide! Information on tide times is available at the reception desk of your Le Ragis campsite!
You can also reach the island of Noirmoutier via the bridge at La Barre de Monts.
You’ll have the privilege of visiting a unique geological site, the symbol and pride of the Noirmoutrins.

The Gois has been listed as a historic monument since July 11, 1942.
For the record:
The name Gois (Goy in Old French) comes from goiser, which in local dialect means to walk while wetting one’s hooves. It could also be a deformation of “ford”.

For a guided tour : contact Brigitte (06 87 39 11 48) and Anne-Marie (06 88 46 32 75) at the Noirmoutier en l’ile tourist office.

After crossing the Gois, you can cycle around the island with its five communes, stopping to visit the fishing and yachting harbours, and especially the salt marshes.

Your favorite campsite recommends a taste of fleur de sel, the finest quality salt, rich in trace elements.
You can stop off at Noirmoutier en l’ile to visit the Château.

Visit Yeu Island

The island of the Vendée fishermen. Visit this wild island accessible by boat for a day trip. The island can be visited on foot, by bike or by small train. Fabulous landscapes await you, as well as beaches sheltered in coves… You’ll also discover fishermen’s cottages, harbors and the island’s famous fortified castle.

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