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The beaches

Campsite Vendée Proche mer : les Plages

Saint jean de Monts, Saint Hilaire de Riez, Saint Gilles Croix de vie, the choice is yours. Camping le Ragis is 15 minutes from these Vendée beaches, at roughly the same distance. Here’s some advice on where to put your towel when camping by the sea.

The beaches of Saint Jean de Monts

Plus points :

  • An immense beach of fine sand: 8 kilometers long, it’s a very large beach, even at high tide. In the middle of August, even though it’s very busy, there’s always room to relax. It’s a far cry from the Mediterranean phenomenon, where towels are just a touch away!
  • A children’s beach: the beach has a gentle slope, so you can splash around in the water up to 30 meters into the sea. Waves, though present, are weak. Supervised beaches are well signposted. At low tide, the children are in a huge paddling pool! A real treat for anxious moms and dads!
  • A beautiful promenade: A large embankment for walking, with a multitude of cafés, restaurants, snack bars…
  • Sailing club: At the end of the beach, by the pier, you can safely practice sand yachting, Hobbie cat, kite flying…


  • For swimmers: before you can start your breaststroke, before you lose your footing, you’re going to be doing a lot of walking in the water…
  • Dogs are not allowed between 9am and 7pm during the season. If you have pets, it’s best to book in mid or low season at your seaside campsite in the Vendée.

Things to see and do

  • L’estacade: At the end of the beach, it offers a unique and very pleasant view of the sea and a plunging view of the seafront.
  • L’avenue de la mer: Take a stroll down the pedestrian street if you want to stroll, shop or eat a huge homemade 7 scoop ice cream: caramel/litchi/carambar/passion/camembert/rillettes/nutella!
  • L’avenue de la forêt: For its themed restaurants.
  • Fishing on foot, pine nuts: at low tide, during spring tides, scrape the sand and you’ll find little shellfish called pine nuts. A pan of pine nuts fried in butter with garlic and parsley: a delicious accompaniment to an aperitif!
  • Come and soak up the sun on the beach at Saint Jean de Monts, 15 minutes from Challans, close to the Avenue de la Plage, a pedestrian street that’s a real magnet! Sailing club, beach volleyball, fishing, swimming…

The beaches of Saint Hilaire de Riez and Sion

They are characterized by different landscapes: On the Saint Hilaire side, it’s one big sandy beach as far as the eye can see, while on the Sion side, it’s more like coves between rocks, with pebble beaches.


  • A great beach, with different landscapes depending on where you stop. Pebble beach, sandy beach, rocks…
  • Large parking lots: you can always find a space in the huge parking lots in the Saint Hilaire forest.
  • Enjoy a seaside stroll by bike, on foot or on horseback along the many paths of the immense pine forest that runs along the coast.
  • The Parée Préneau beach is more secluded and quieter in high season.
  • The Devil’s Hole: a not-to-be-missed show at rising tide


  • the sand is less fine
  • the beach is smaller than in Saint jean de Monts, especially at high tide
beach near campsite
saint gilles croix de vie

The Beaches of Saint Gilles Croix de vie

As close as you can get, you’ll arrive at the Saint Gilles Croix de Vie embankment, just past the Port. As you go further afield, you’ll discover huge, less-frequented beaches.

the most

  • The lively embankment, restaurants and bars on the seafront, above the beach. You can enjoy a cocktail or an ice cream while watching your children.
  • Stroll around the marina with its colorful traditional fishing boats.
  • The great beach


  • At high tide on the embankment, there’s little beach. Check the tide calendar.
  • Summer parking.

Things to see and do

  • The fishing and yachting harbour, for its fishing boats and magnificent pleasure craft.
  • The lively pedestrian street with its craft stores.
  • The old fishing village, with its narrow streets and traditional houses.

See you soon at Le Ragis campsite in Vendée! Book a mobile home or a pitch at the best rates in the region.

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