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Commitments at our Vendée campsite

The whole team at Le Ragis campsite is committed to the environment and a healthier campsite. To achieve this, we take numerous actions throughout the year to improve our environmental and social footprint.

We began by recycling cigarette butts discarded on our site in 2022, in ashtrays or in the aisles. In all, we recycled 3 kg of cigarette butts.

Then, to avoid throwing away all our old equipment, we recycled it. 160 square meters of used mattresses and furniture have been recycled and given a second life. What’s more, the defective bikes we have on the campsite have been repaired by a rehabilitation workshop, rather than thrown away or sent back to the manufacturers. And since 2022, we’ve been using reusable mattress covers for our accommodation mattresses, thus reducing unnecessary waste.

We use only eco-labelled products for interior and exterior maintenance, and for everyday use on our campsite. We encourage visitors to do the same with the cleaning products they bring with them before departure.

Reducing our ecological impact also means choosing the right equipment. To this end, we have renewed our laundry equipment and invested in new-generation washing machines and tumble dryers, consuming just 13 liters of water per cycle. We have also planted water-saving shrubs. They’re content to rely on rainwater and a few waterings during the summer. And in the washrooms, we’ve installed a shower timing system to avoid wasting water with showers that are too long or too hot.

Thanks to all these initiatives, Camping Le Ragis is committed to eco-responsibility. And what are the little things you do every day that make all the difference?

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