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Challans heritage discovery tour

Challans, capital of the Breton marshlands of the Vendée, crossroads between the bocage, the marsh and the Atlantic coast, has nevertheless preserved its Old France character, despite a certain commercial dynamism.

The town has many vestiges of a prosperous past, when trade fairs were held on the fairgrounds. The town also recaptures the atmosphere of those years during the 4 Thursdays fair ” autrefois Challans “, which recreates the atmosphere of the town during the great fairs.

A few historical facts

A few remains have been found from the Gallic period (coins and a Roman eagle) in the village of La Bloire. An ancient slab dating back to Merovingian times was uncovered when the old church was demolished, proving that a place of worship existed before the old church.

To put an end to the conflict that bloodied the region during the Wars of Religion, Louis XIII slept in Challans in the 13th century. During the French Revolution, the town became Republican and was burnt down in 1794.

Under the Restoration, the town regained its calm and prosperity, which will last until today, when Challans becomes the 2nd largest town in the Vendée. Today, Challans is the commercial center of the north-western Vendée region, and is home to numerous industrial and craft businesses driven by tourism, given its proximity to the coast.

It specializes in the boating, plastics, carpentry and agri-food sectors…Its emblem is the duck, which can be seen at the Challans fair, transformed into a toboggan for children!

We invite you to discover the architectural and historical traces on this original tour, which can be done effortlessly as you stroll through the town center. It’s also an opportunity to take advantage of the high-quality shops and take a break on a café terrace.

You can also enjoy a pleasant stroll in the Parc de la Sablière, with its fitness trail and playground, where you can see many species of birds (geese, ducks, moorhens, etc.).

Here’s a map of the remarkable sites in Challans

Walks around Challans

During your stay, take advantage of the various hiking and biking trails starting from the campsite.

Walks and hiking trails for all levels and tastes…

Twice a week, we offer a guided tour with commentary by Joseph, your host.
His knowledge of Challans and the Soullandais marshes, and his local anecdotes, will make these visits a privileged moment of culture and relaxation.

Along the way, you’ll discover a unique heron nesting site and other surprises…

Walks and hikes in the Vendée around the campsite by bike or on foot

Your campsite in the Vendée is located 5 minutes from Challans town center, in the countryside. We offer tours around the campsite. A great way to start the day!

Here’s the IGN map with 2 hiking trails.

Challans hiking trail 5 km

  • Take the Chemin de la Fradinière on the left as you leave the campsite.
  • Chemin du Gué Baudu
  • Chemin du Baudu
  • Chemin du Fief Bottereau
  • Chemin du Préneau
  • Chemin du Marechau
  • Chemin de la Coetière

Challans 10 km hiking trail

  • Take the Chemin de la Fradinière on the left as you leave the campsite.
  • Chemin du Gué du Baudu
  • Chemin du Baudu
  • Chemin du Fief Bottereau
  • Chemin de l’Ogerie
  • Take the cycle path on the right
  • Chemin de l’Eté
  • Chemin de l’Ogerie
  • Rond Point des Oiseaux
  • Chemin du cimetière breton
  • Chemin du gué Monnier
  • Chemin des Landes
  • Turn right onto the Cornouillers bicycle path
  • Chemin du Préneau
  • Chemin du Maréchau
  • Chemin de la Coetière.
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